Thursday, May 29, 2008

chassis design

my initial design was to use a tank chassis from an idea I got looking at RC tank combat websites. These guys build 1/6th scale RC tanks of military tanks which made it to production and then shoot paintballs through the turrents at each other's tank. Neat idea I think.

See the picture for the chassis with wheels, belts and the motors in place.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

robotic platform

Now for the platform I've chosen the BS2 chip from Parallax since it is a good starter chip and language and was recommended by a book which is right up my alley (123 Robotics Experiments Evil Genius)

If you get this book, I highly recommend buying the parts from
Hobby Engineering as they have the majority of the experiments covered in bundle packs.

Having said all that, I am most of the way through the book and only have a few experiments left. I have begun to work on some of the more advanced stuff, like GPS integration and H-bridge motor controllers (also from Parallax).

starting up

this is about my epic journey to build a robotic lawnmower. I am starting with a several phased plan as I have limited time and resources to devote to the project. Initially the project aims to do the following:

  1. Run self contained (no starting and/or stopping it)
  2. Mow my back yard
  3. Include object avoidance
  4. Have a safety trigger for a dead stop
  5. Scale to run in the front yard.